WWII Trench Lighter

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Bowers Army Navy Flamless WWII Foxhole Blackout Lighter Trench Lighter

Buy It $60.00

WWII Cigarette Lighter Green Black Crackle finish 12 hole Chimney Lot x2 Trench

Buy It $42.00

WW2 Trench Lighter Please Look

Buy It $40.00

Vintage WWII Era Bullet Shell Trench Art Table Lighter Cigarette Lighter

Buy It $39.99

Vintage BOWERS Sure Fire Trench Lighter WW1 WW2 Military WORKS

Buy It $30.00


Buy It $39.99

8368 Original Vintage WWII TRENCH ART Cigarette LIGHTER US Vets estate

Buy It $35.99

Vintage WWII Solid Brass Two Piece Cigarette Lighter Heavy Trench Art Working

Buy It $145.00

WWII TRENCH ART Lighter 20 mm shell 1942 7 WORKS

Buy It $49.99

WWII TRENCH ART Lighter w foreign coins on base w shell 5 1 2 WORKS

Buy It $39.99

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